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LINKCHAIN is a blockchain-based supply ecosystem built to allow buyers and sellers to perform transactions in which the Buyer and the Supplier can be sure that if each end meets their obligations both will receive what they have agreed. The LINKCHAIN platform offers to the buyers a quick way of search, find and award contracts to qualified and verified suppliers. On the other end, suppliers save a significant amount of time by only searching for active Buyers.

The LNK token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token used to fuel the LINKCHAIN ecosystem.

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Тип доказательства
Цена открытия $0.04
Минимум $0.04
Максимум $0.06
Цена в BTC 0.00000200520006 BTC
Текущее количество 0 LNKC
Общее Предложение 700,000,000 LNKC
Рыночная капитализация $0
Объем 24ч (в монетах) 10 LNKC
Объем 24ч (в валюте) $1
Общий объем 24ч (монета) 10 LNKC
Общий объем 24ч (Валюта) $0.60
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