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Hybrid of NameCoin and PPCoin. More focused on the production of coins by PoS than PoW. Mining has a bonus on the interval 1-512 difficulty for high initial issue of coins. Further difficulty will gradually increase, making PoS mining more promising.

Emercoin offers a 6% annual POS reward with 30 day coin maturity.

Coin added by @chopcoin Team

- Secure shell management system needed by every site admin.

- System for passwordless authentication on the world wide web.

- Storage for electronic business cards for use with EMCSSL.

- Uncensored domain name system, peering with OpenNIC.

- Trusted storage for digital timestamps on the blockchain.

- Distributed torrent tracker for internet file sharing.

- Decentralized pay-per-click advertising network.

- Digital proof of ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services.

Веб-сайт open_in_new
Доля рынка 0.00%
Тип доказательства PoW/PoS
Цена открытия $0.02
Минимум $0.02
Максимум $0.03
Цена в BTC 0.00000094122787 BTC
Текущее количество 48,123,000 EMC
Общее Предложение 1,000,000,000 EMC
Рыночная капитализация $1,358,129
Объем 24ч (в монетах) 268 EMC
Объем 24ч (в валюте) $8
Общий объем 24ч (монета) 308 EMC
Общий объем 24ч (Валюта) $8.69
Последнее обновление 2022-05-22 23:00:06 +01:00 BST
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